How do I find the right doctor?

If you have refractory errors in the eye like short sightedness, long sightedness and astigmatism, you may be planning to go for the Lasik surgery. Before you jump on to the bandwagon, it is a must that you acquaint yourself fully with all that is important to get the best out of the treatment.

The factors that will define your experience are mainly the type of treatment that you are choosing, the kind of the instruments, tools and lasers that the doctor will be using, the quality and experience of the doctor that you have chosen.

It is not necessary that a place or doctor with high fees is the best one. One much chose the right centre and the doctor based on experience and reputation in the market. To know the feedback from existing customers is a good way to know about the place.

lasik doctor

Refractory surgery techniques as Lasik are permanent and will decide your vision for the remaining part of your life. It can solve or may create more problems if you are not careful in choosing the right doctor and the right hospital.

Let us consider the dos and don’t while selecting your centre and the doctor:

a)      Do not fall for Guarantees

If someone claims that they will guarantee 20/20 vision or will give perfect vision for sure, do not fall for it as there cannot be any guarantees in case of surgery. Though systems have evolved overtime with more of success rates, but still one cannot guarantee success as each patient is different with his or her own peculiarities.

b)     Know Thy Doctor

Go for the doctor that has a good reputation and old standing in the community. One good way to find the effectiveness of a doctor is to ask about his outcomes in few cases and compare them with the Lasik equipment manufacturer’s instruction book.

Go for a surgeon that has established a practice at one place, and he should not a visiting doctor, so that if you need him after operation then he should be available easily.

c)      Know Thy Hospital

Besides knowing the doctor, it is also important to know all that is possible about the hospital or the Lasik Centre. Check if they have the most modern equipments or not. Go for the centre that has in-house pool of experienced doctors. Hospitals running of visiting doctors are not a good place for aftercare in case you develop any complication.

The centre should have required cleanliness, proper certifications, dedicated and caring staff and easily accessible location.

d)     Educate Yourself

Knowing the doctor is good, knowing the hospital is good, but there cannot be a better way to get the things that you are paying for, than educating yourself as much as possible. It will help you chose the right doctor, with right equipments.

It will also help you follow the necessary precautions after the surgery, and to take advanced action in case you are developing a complication.

If you follow the above advice then, we are sure that you will end up as a satisfied user of the Lasik technology.



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