Risks of Lasik Surgery

lasikLASIK is an established eyesight correction surgery. It has stabilized and evolved over time. For this reason, most patients today are happy with its results. As there are always negative sides and risks to anything, so the same is true for LASIK also. Like any other surgery, it also has its own risks. To finally opt for LASIK, one has to be aware of inherent risks and opt for the treatment when you are fully convinced that benefits are more than dangers for your specific needs.

Let us discuss the main un-certainties associated with Lasik surgery.

a)      The vision may be under or over corrected

Today, thanks to the advanced optical cornea profiling technology, one gets the vision fully restored after surgery. In case you are one of the few who do not get the desired results, then doctors will recommend enhancement treatment that is nothing but the second stage of surgery.

Enhancement is done after few months of the initial surgery so that eyes are allowed fully to heal from the affects of the first operation.

Only when the patient’s cornea is very thin or irregularly shaped, doctors do not go for the subsequent surgery and correct the vision only using contact lenses or glasses. Such instances are rare, and depend on the particular patient or doctor, but can certainly happen in some cases.

The refractive corrections are done using Lasik, but one cannot treat the age-related disorder called Presbyopia. In such cases, even after Lasik the patients are required to wear glasses for the correct near vision.

b)     The Correction may not be permanent

It is rare, but some patients experience recurrent of original problems within few years after the surgery. This problem is more seen in patients of farsightedness. If you are using reading glasses then, the chances of recurrence or need of secondary surgery in few years are more than other patients.

Sometimes some visual aberrations occur as Lasik after affects. These are prominent in low light. Some such ocular complications are: –

  • Anisometropia: This situation comes with a difference in refractive power of the two eyes.
  • Aniseikonia: This condition has difference inside of the image between 2 eyes.
  • Double vision in which patient sees two images.
  • Fluctuation in vision in day to night or day to day.
  • Hazy or blurred vision.
  • Higher sensitivity to shadows or light.
  • Getting halos around light sources, especially in the night.

Sometimes these symptoms persist for few months after the surgery and go with time. In few cases, they remain and will need after treatment to correct the situation.

 c)      Dry Eyes

After surgery, most patients get dry eye symptoms. That is why doctors prescribe artificial tears to correct the situation. It remains for some time and situation become normal in few months. In some case the dryness of eyes increases with time, causing burning sensation and redness of eyes. Such situation needs additional treatment to improve tear generation to avoid permanent damage to eyes or vision.

d)     Complete Loss of vision

It is very rare, but chances cannot be entirely ruled out. In most cases, the patients are made to use glasses or contact lenses if correction is not as desired. In few rarest cases due to eye infection, malfunction of equipment, eye scarring, etc. there may be a situation when the eyesight is lost, but this happens only when there are some patient-related complications or when patient has not adhered to the safety aspects and counseling after surgery.

In most of the cases, the patients get excellent results, and get rid of the contact lens and glasses after Lasik. It gives them an altogether different life and opens so many opportunities.


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