Consequences of Lasik Surgery

You are a visitor and looking for experiences of patients after Lasik surgery, then read the article as this is the summation of all that has been gathered from others undergone similar experiences. Though your personal experience after going through Lasik may vary depending on the specific health issues and the doctors that are attending you, but we have listed here the general information about what to expect after Lasik. Please, check the previous article to get a complete guide

We also suggest, before undergoing surgery one must talk to his or her doctor about particular expectations if any, it will help the doctor to take the required steps as part of the treatment to give the best results to the patient.

lasik surgery

Immediately after the operation, the patient gets burning sensation in the eye, as if there is something in the eye. One can also get excessive moistness and tears in the eye. Till the time eye is not fully healed, the vision is somewhat blurred. In such situations, you are advised to use artificial tears or keep your eyes shut for some time to remove the feeling.

The patients are advised that during initial healing, they must not rub the eyes, or it will dislodge the cornea flap thereby making it necessary for you to go through additional treatment to reposition it again.

If you have pain or higher discomfort, then the doctors sometimes prescribe pain relievers. Besides artificial tears doctors also prescribe antibiotic drops to be used from the day of surgery up to few weeks. It helps to prevent infection and ensures quick healing of the cornea.

The patients sometimes get other complications, as sensitivity to light, hazy eyesight, seeing light bursts and getting halos around light in the night. These symptoms are more common immediately after surgery and continue for few days. They are cured as eyes heal, but if they persist then consult your doctor for proper treatment.

If you are having extreme pain or your vision is getting even worse, you must consult a doctor immediately on the first night itself after the surgery, and do not wait up to the first scheduled visit.

After the operation, the first visit is normally planned after 24 hours so that doctor can check your eyes and the vision. The patient keeps on using the artificial tears and antibiotics, even if everything if observed to be ok. Normally, the vision remains slightly blurred for few days, and it is advisable that you avoid traveling, and if possible takeoff for few days, to take full rest.

Before starting with sports or jogging, ask your doctor. If all goes well, it can normally be started in 3 to 4 days, especially the low-intensity sports. The high-intensity sports are allowed only after 2 to three weeks. Be careful while swimming, hot bath, sauna. Do not engage in such activities till the time doctor gives a clear go ahead.

Avoid using external agents as lotions, creams and makeup; else they may cause buildup on eyelids and infection. Start reusing them only when your doctor allows that.

After the operation, the vision will be restored in 1-2 weeks, but it will keep on changing for few months. It fully stabilizes within six months of the surgery. If things do not workout as planned, doctor may resort to after treatment, for correction of errors. For this, the patient is expected to regularly visit the doctor so that he is aware of the progress.

One important precaution, if you develop an unusual symptom or complication in your eyes then contact the doctor immediately, else it may lead to irreparable damage to your vision or complete loss of eyesight.


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