A Complete Guide to Lasik Procedure

If you are reading this article on Zednetwork.com to know about Lasik procedure, then you are at the right place. LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted-in-situ-Keratomileusis. Today this technique is extensively used to cure eyesight related issues as myopia, hyperopic and astigmatism. The technique works by reshaping the cornea so that the incoming light is properly focused on the retina to get correct vision. In normal situations, the operation of both eyes takes 15 minutes, and one can have a normal vision restored in 24 hours or so.

How is it done?

In the beginning, doctor uses a laser called femtosecond to cut a hinged flap in the cornea and then folds it back.

In the second stage, the doctor works on the corneal tissue to reshape it, by using the Excimer laser. The cornea is reshaped depending on the problem like myopia, astigmatism or hypermetropia.

In the last stage, after reshaping the cornea, the flap is laid back and allowed to heal naturally. One has to apply antiseptic drops for few days, and no bandages are done.

lasik guide

Preparing for Lasik

Before recommending Lasik, the eye surgeon will do a thorough analysis. It starts with the evaluation of general health condition and to check if you are taking any special medications, level of your blood sugar, BP, etc.

If all is ok or taken care of, in the next stage the doctor does a complete checkup of your eyes like checking pupil size, shape of the cornea, type and extent of the refractive error and any other eyesight related complication. The eyes are also checked for the moistness so that after the treatment you should not face the problem of dry eyes.

If you are finally selected for the surgery, the doctor will advise you not to wear contact lenses for few days or week so that they may not affect the shape of the cornea, and may check the refractive error again to be sure of the actual correction required.

Today doctors are using many advanced methods as wavefront technology to get exact details of corneal error.

The Long Lasting Results of Lasik

lasik guide

Lasik is a great technology that can give fantastic results and will improve your life and self-confidence substantially. No glasses and no contact lenses and vision are normally improved to 20/20 correction. Though sometimes the results are not that great and one may even get 20/40 or even less vision.

Even if you have to wear the contact lenses or glasses after the surgery, the eye number will be drastically reduced. Over time, the methods have stabilized, and technology has improved. There are advanced methods available to take accurate cornea profile and do the surgery with precision.

Lasik normally has success rate, but depending on specific health condition of patients and precautions taken after the surgery, problems like night halo can occur. If the doctor decides, you can even have a second visit for correction surgery called touch up procedure to take care of such complications.

If you are above 40 then even with Lasik you may need reading glasses because of age-related presbyopia.

Being the user of the technology, you must ensure that to get the best benefits, you must discuss all aspects of the procedure with your doctor and to do so; the information given in this section will be extremely useful.


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